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Full Version: The Truly Amazing Canadian-American Change
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This indicates there could be a change of property buying going on across the Canadian border. On the one hand Canadians are getting over-the edge in USA, and on the other hand Americans are opting to purchase in the stronger Canadian realty market.

Both scenarios could make sound financial sense, according to which sensible path you are following, though contradictory. According to American Dollar Index numbers, the American dollar has dropped to its lowest score since the Index were only available in the seventies. Within the Index, the dollar is rated against six international values. There's speculation that money may possibly still continue downhill, creating some Americans to select to hedge their bets and change some of these natural straight back dollars in to Canadian multi-colored dollars!

One way to do that would be to purchase some Canadian real estate. Industry is very powerful in Canada and the funds to get the home will be placed in Canadian dollars, of course. Towns for example Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary have already been experiencing high increases in house prices this year. I found out about by browsing Yahoo. These towns are reporting large increases in sales along with higher-than average sales with this time of the season.

As at November 2007, Canadian existing home sales had already hit an annual record. Normal home prices rose 11-16 and the trend looks like continuing. Nationally average house prices are believed to increase by 3.5-liter in 2008. The number of domiciles dealing arms in 2008 is also expected to remain higher than in all years just before 2007. These figures are from

Elegant LePage's 2008 Industry Review Outlook.

In spite of the American slump, Canada wants its realty market to increase by almost four to five into 2008. This thrilling paper has diverse fine aids for why to see about this concept. The Vancouver City News report that it'd seem wise for Americans to 'invest-in the Canadian housing market and benefit from increasing house prices which may have maybe not yet peaked and the of the rising Canadian dollar.'

These factors all make investing in Canadian property a viable proposition for members of the falling American money. I discovered by browsing newspapers. Granted these facts, does it make sense that lots of Canadians are doing the precise opposite and going over the line to purchase real-estate in he USA? Effectively, with the Canadian dollar almost on par with the U.S. Buck, Canadians get more for their sale than they used to when they dropped 10% for every loony.

What is more, prices over the point are often cheap at the moment, with some of them really being abandoned to foreclosure sales. The discount o-n these costs is fairly significant and agents in places including the Pacific North West have noted a substantial increase in Canadian Buyers. Yet another popular area for Canadians - especially snowbirds - is Nevada. It's the best foreclosure price at the moment, so good deals could be picked up there.

The home market is always a chance, but there are also always offers to be made if you're in the right place at the right time!.
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